Inserting the ocular prosthesis; care and maintenance




Inserting the ocular prosthesis

To insert the ocular prosthesis, place it under the upper lid, gently slide it under the upper lid, then pull the lower lid slightly downward.

Removing an ocular prosthesis

An ocular prosthesis can be removed with or without a suction cup. To remove it, gently pull the lower lid downward and take out the implant. You can also use a small suction cup to carry out this procedure.

Care and maintenance

At least once a month, you should remove the prosthesis and clean it with physiological serum. The advised interval from one cleaning to the next varies from case to case.

Never use 90° alcohol or ether

This procedure is painless: after a period of adjustment, the patient can usually learn to carry it out successfully without assistance.

Before re-inserting the prosthesis, the eye socket should be cleaned with antiseptic. Every six months, the prosthesis should be taken to the ocularist for polishing, since tears contain proteins that leave deposits on the implant.