Implant fabrication



All of our ocular prostheses are made on the basis of an impression that allows us to faithfully reproduce the size of the eye socket or the eye globe in order to ensure greater tolerance.

Medicinal resin is the material used in fabrication.


Making the impression

To make the impression, silicone is injected in the eye socket, and an impression tray is used in order to make an exact reproduction of its form


Prosthesis color

The prosthesis color is reproduced on a shell with extreme precision and utter fidelity to the original, including the streaks in the iris. To obtain the color, we use natural pigments that closely imitate eye characteristics. Each prosthesis is thus entirely unique.


Making the ocular prosthesis

A series of measurements enable us to fabricate a resin prosthesis that resembles the original eye as much as possible, respecting all the characteristics of its healthy counterpart: color, sclera, blood vessels, iris diameter, volume, etc.

All the steps in the fabrication process involve perfectly coordinated, high-precision technique, and are taken with extreme care.


Fitting and adapting the prosthesis

In the next step, the prosthesis is inserted in the eye socket, then fitted and readjusted to achieve true wearing comfort and an optimal aesthetic result.